G. Daniel Bugel-Shunra has been providing accurate translation to and from German for attorneys, corporations large and small, governmental organizations, charities, and publishers since 1989. He has been accredited with the courts in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Washington State.

Your need for a reliable and trouble-free translation process matters to me: I strive to take the hassle out of working with German documents. My office is located in Washington State, which gives a convenient time zone advantage to our European and East Coast clients, as we are still at our desks hours after New York and London have headed home for the night.

  • Yes, I handle patents,contracts, affidavits, and depositions.
  • Yes, I translate birth certificates, grade transcripts, and licenses.
  • Yes, I have translated documentation for international custody arrangements.
  • Yes, I do offer rush services and overnight translations.
  • Yes, I work weekends and nights.
  • Yes, I do have access to in-country subject-matter experts, libraries and archives in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.
  • Yes, I speak standard German – but I also speak Swiss German. Swiss German is a spoken dialect of German but  sounds entirely different.

    Plan ahead – rush fees may apply for large or urgent projects.

    Contact me by phone or email for information about any specific project or product.