Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Attorneys need translators to work like swift, black boxes: ideally, you would send us a document in German at 9 am and get back a copy of the same document – only in perfect English – at around 11. With a very low bill attached.

Alas, translation takes more effort than that.  Here are several questions we frequently hear:

Do you deal with criminal cases?

Criminal case testimony translation requires accuracy, confidentiality, and on-time performance.

Discovered documents are often in unconventional formats such as handwritten or tape-recorded testimony.

Shunra Media, Inc. has extensive experience with this type of sensitive and with a variety of unconventional formats.

We can work with you to determine quickly which documents and testimony will be most helpful to your case as translation is completed.

How long does translation take?

A single translator will produce about 3,000 edited, deliverable words a day, five days a week, year in and year out.

Most legal projects require more words in less time, and do not permit the luxury of an even workflow.

Sometimes a document is urgent – contact us as soon as you know such a document is pending. With a bit of advance notice we can line up a group of translators and an overseeing editor to get that urgent project back into your hands as soon as you need it without compromising our deliverable quality.

Some projects are impossible: no, we can’t translate 1,000,000 pages by tomorrow afternoon. Contact us with your project and even if its definition is outside the scope of human capacity, we’ll work with you on creative solutions such as staggered delivery, gist-only translation, or flying in a team of document-scopers.

Do you handle litigation?

Litigation translation requires knowledge of the legal landscape, accuracy and reliability, and on-time performance.

Shunra Media, Inc. has extensive experience with litigation documents, and the expertise to provide you with accurate and properly formatted documentation to support your case.

Do you translate patents?

Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance when preparing patent translation. Shunra Media, Inc. has wide-ranging experience translating patents, and we understand that your client must have a budget for patent translation as part of the product cost. We work with patents often, and know the time frame, jargon, and legal formats for accurate patent translation.

What is your quality assurance process?

Working with any language means checking, rechecking, and rechecking. Every project we do includes four distinct phases of quality assurance.

Each phase of the project has its own needs: before the project begins we plan and coordinate terminology; then we choose the exactly-right team for translation, editing, and subject-matter expertise; guidelines dictate style and editors focus on the minute details of the project between kickoff and delivery; and lessons are drawn from project flow and difficulties we face along the way.

By this constant process of learning and relearning we strive to build the quality-enhancement straight into the teams of translators and editors. Our teams work together across languages and projects, and take pride in working with us.